Ancient Arts – Socknado




(Some colors are on Passion 8 base, it is 437 per 113 grams. Same size as Socknado/more yardage. We are offering a discount on these!)

80% Superwash Merino / 20% Nylon

100 Grams

385 yards/350 meter

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A Galaxy Far Far Away, Adire, Adventure, Amethyst, Anjou, Apple, Apple Blossom, April Showers, Around the World in 80 Days, Aztec Gold, Baaad Ass Sheep Frolicking in a Field, Bay of Fundy NB, Bee Happy, Black Cherry, Blue Light Saber, Blue Dolphin, Braaaaains, Bull in a China Shop, Calgary, Captain, My Captain, Caribbean Getaway, Celebration, Cerulean, Chai Spice Latte, Cherry Blossom, Cherry Blossom Festival, Christmas Tree, Cindy Lou Who, Cinnamon Toast, Clash of Zombies, Cloudy Skies, Contemplation, Contented Grapes, Cranberry, Creekside, Creme de la Creme, Dear Little Buttercup, Dianthus, Dog River, Douglas Fir, Dragon's Blood Sedum, Dune Grass, Emerald Lake, Fairy Pools, Forks Market, French Bordeaux, French Lavender Fields, Gentian, Golden Retriever, Grand Prismatic Spring, Green Light Saber, Harvest, Hawaiian Hibiscus, Hey Canada! It's your Birthday!, Honeycomb, Hope, Horizons, I Met Stephen West and I Liked It, Ink Spot, Irish Linen, Island Breeze, Juniper, Kismet, Kitten Nose Pink, Light Through the Leaves, Machu Picchu, May the Fourth be with You, Morisot – Woman at the Mirror, Monsters Under the Bed, Naked Orchid, Nectarine, Neptune, New Leaves, Niagra Falls, North Pole, Office Donut Party, Oh, The Horror!, Orange Light Saber, Peachy Keen, Picnic, Pink Light Saber, Purple Light Saber, Purple Rock Cress, Purple Sequins, Raining Cats and Dogs, Red Light Saber, Renewal, River Rock, Russian Silver, Sagebrush, Seafoam, Serenity, Ships of the Desert, Soda Pop, Spanish Lavender, Spooky Scary Skeletons, Stash Me, Street Art, Sunshine Coast, Sweet Sensations, Syrah by Moonlight, The Ships of the Desert, Things that Go Boo, Tiny Orchids, Tranquility, True North, Ugly Christmas Sweater, Ultra Violet, Uranium, Water Lily Blue, Weimaraner, Where the Coho Go, Whoville 2.0, Woman at the Mirror, Yellow Light Saber, Zinnia, Zombie Orchid


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