HiyaHiya – Nirvana – 6″ Bone Crochet Hook


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  • Length: 6″ / 15 cm.
  • Bone Crochet Hooks are exquisitely smooth, with a highly polished, almost glass-like finish.
  • Please note: There is a natural variation in bone color and we are unable to send a color preference. Bone ranges in color from off-white to ivory.
  • Bone is susceptible to shock and may break if dropped on a hard surface; use caution to avoid dropping them.

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US E/4 3.50 mm, US F/5 3.75 mm, US G/6 4.00 0 mm, USGH/7 4.50 mm, US H/8 5.00 mm, US I/9 5.50 mm, US J/10 6.00 mm, US K/10 1/2 6.50 mm, US L/11 8.00 mm, US MN/13 9.00 mm, US NP/15 10.00 mm


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