Knot Bad Amigurumi


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by Vincent Green-Hite aka Yarn Punk

In Knot Bad Amigurumi, discover a world of 25 adorable and unique crochet creatures you’ll love to make, keep, and display.

Create the unexpected: a smiling rocket ship, a jubilant glass of boba tea, a joyful acorn, a breezy beach hat, and much more. These modern characters spring from the imagination of crochet artist Vincent Green-Hite (Instagram: @knot.bad; TikTok: @knotbad), who loves sharing his designs and techniques with the world.

In addition to beginner-friendly patterns, the book includes a rundown of basic materials such as yarns and hooks, step-by-step stitch tutorials, instructions for embroidering appealing faces, advice on working with color, and ideas for customizing patterns.

You’ll learn how to give your amigurumi a clean, professional look with easy methods for stuffing, attaching, and finishing pieces. Build your skills and become a more confident creative as you work your way through each charming pattern.

Knot Bad Amigurumi also includes:

  • The incredible versatility of a few easy stitches that can be used to create an abundance of imaginative figures
  • How a simple magic ring is the key to stress-free amigurumi
  • How adding easy accessories, such as bows and hats, can add tons of personality
  • A welcoming attitude that embraces anyone who wants to try creating amigurumi

Explore everything that amigurumi has to offer and watch your creativity soar!


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