About Us

Hook a Frog began in 2010 with the wish to be an asset to the fiber community in our area and beyond.  Starting small with the commitment to sell products from companies based in the USA and support local businesses as much as possible.  The vendors that we sought out all gave back to the community either by % of proceeds going to charity, fair trade, or a “green initiative”; that way our business and your purchases from us made a difference.

Frog Across the Pond began in 2015, after much discussion we decided to expand our endeavors.  This little shop was to bring in some of our favorites from ‘across the pond.’

Hook a Frog and Frog Across the Pond are now together here on this one site.

Hook A Frog Fiber & Fun is at it’s core about wonderful fiber crafts and we wish to share and educate others about these wonderful fiber crafts.  We are still committed to working with other small businesses and vendors that give back.

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