Kraemer – Perfection Worsted


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Worsted Weight

30% Domestic Merino, 70% Acrylic

100 grams, 200 yards

Perfection is a worsted weight blend of U.S. merino and acrylic. It is a soft, easy care, wool blend that won’t break the bank. Perfection is, well, perfect! The merino wool makes this blend one of the softest around. It is very comfortable against the skin. Whether you are knitting a sweater for a newborn, an afghan for a friend, or something special for yourself, you will find that Perfection is a great all-purpose yarn. Perfection is available in a wide range of colors with many more colors available in the near future. Made in the U.S.A.

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Admiral, Alligator, April Shower, Autumn Drift, Bark, Bright Blue, Bright Green, Blueberry Buckle, Bloom, Butter Cream, Butterfly, Canary Yellow, Caribbean Blue, Charcoal, Cinnabar, Cinnamon, Copper, Coral Belle, Crimson, Daisy, Dew Drop, Earth, Elegant Grey, Evening Song, Fairy Ring, Fauna, Fieldstone, Flame Red, Flora, Fluff, Garnet, Gold Dust, Grape, Holly, Ivy, Jelly, Leather, Marble, Onyx, Orange, Peacock, Peep, Pixie, Pucker Up, Puddle, Purr, Quartz, Rose Hip, Royal Purple, Sand, Shy Violet, Silver Grey, Sky, Snowflake, Spring Rhyme, Sprout, Summer Dusk, Tiger, Turquoise, Tweet, Winter Lake, Valentine


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